Wellness Therapies

Massages (Snehana Therapies)

  1. Abhyangam - Uzhichill - with foot ritual :

    60 min - It is a traditional, synchronized, energising treatment with medicated oils accroding to the body constitution, which the therapist applies brisk, long and flowing movements. This relaxing treatment not only enhances the blood circulation, but balances the nervous system and doshas also.
  2. Abhyanga

    Abhyanga treatment coupled with swedem (streaming) accelerates detoxification process along with its benefits.
  3. Udhvarthanam

    45 min - This is a unique Ayurvedic treatment specially designed for weight reduction by reducing celllites. Medicated powders are applied in the centripetal direction on the body.

Swedana Therapies

  • Podikizhi

    45 min - medicated powders are made into a poultice and then dipped in Oil or steamed and applied to specific parts of the body followed by a Massage. This treatment is proved to be excellent in painful as well as Inflammatory conditions.
  • Dhara

    pouring of medicated oil, milk, buttermilk on the body -45 min Sirodhara – pouring of warm medicated oil on the forehead in order to Balance thenervous system. Specially advised for problem of vision, Headache,and insomnia. Ksheeradhara – pouring of warm medicated Milk all over the body. Very effective for rejuvenating the body and also Good in muscular weaknesses.
  • Pizhichil

    45 min - squeezing warm medicated oil all over the body with the help Of cloth pieces which are periodically dipped in warm oil.

  1. Detoxification Package

    This treatment package begins with a superficial exfoliation of your Skin with a herbal body scrub, energies the body with Abhyangam And Steam bath followed by different types of kizhi leading you to the heights of relaxation, along with yoga and Kapalabahathi. Virechanam (purgation therapy) to cleanse the body at end of the session.
  2. Weight reduction package

    - A special ayurvedic treatment- udvarthanam – (medicated powder massage) helps to reduce the cellulite in your body. Then the body is Put into a complete cleansing process with a body scrub, dhara, steam bath and kizhi. Internal medication and dynamic yoga accelerates the weight reduction.
  3. Rejuvenation package

    The Procedure starts with a body exfoliation. The circulatory system is boosted by a full body abhyangam which also has a mukha abhyangam, ksheeradhara and yoga. And the body is nourished with a wrap and specific kizhi.The package is completed with a virechanam.

Treatment Pacakages

  1. Swedish Massage

    60 min - Relax Your inner spirit by the pampering strokes of a Swedish Massage thus leading you to the heights of harmony.
  2. Post Workout Massage / Deep tissue Massage

    60 min – Energise yourself by remove the soreness and fatigue of Muscles after your workout with a deep tissue therapy. The Accumulated toxins are been moved away, enhancing its expulsion from the body.
  3. Foot Reflexology

    30 min – The genuine reflexology is the application of pressure on to Particular area of the soles of the feet. A reflex action in another part Of the body is stimulated by the manipulation of each specific area. This Massage stimulates the functions of the internal organs. It can relieve Pain and stiffness caused by too much exercising or using muscle for too Long.it is also a very good relaxing treatment.
  4. Back and Neck Massage

    60 min - A complete back and neck massage with medicated oil to Relieve the tension knots and relax the spastic muscles using advanced Techniques,followed by the application of a warm medicated herbal Poultice.

Sea Therapies

Head And Shoulder Massage

60 min - Using the acupressure techniques the therapist will apply thumb pressure on the special meridian (energy channels) on yout head and shoulder area to relieve headache due to excess tension and will give you a session of relaxtion.